Marine Veteran Takes on New Mission

Marine veteran Matt Amos talked to military recruiters in high school but didn’t really think much of it at the time. Then September 11 happened.

Matt Amos and Austin OsnerHe deployed to Iraq in August 2004 and again in 2006. On his second deployment, Matt was 30 days away from coming home when his squad was hit with an IED; it killed their point man and Matt was hit in the face.

After returning home and training NCO for 18 months, Matt was once again deployed in March 2011. In June, he stepped on a IED and lost both legs.  Matt was in recovery for about 2 ½ years but for a while, he wasn’t able to find prosthetics that worked for him.

Eventually, Matt discovered Peeples Prosthetics. The owner of the company, Steve, not only built Matt new prosthetics but also became his mentor and offered him a job.  When Matt heard a story about a Austin Osner, a 10 year old Cincinnati boy who was born without a right arm, he knew he wanted to help.  Matt worked with Peeples Prosthetics to build Austin a new arm, at no cost to Austin’s family.

Read more about Matt’s story and how he started his own business venture.

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