Army Veteran Overcomes Depression with help of Family & Fitness

Out of high school, Dan went straight into the Army and served 8 years, including 2 tours in Iraq. His second tour really took a toll.

After coming home, Dan was having nightmares and trouble sleeping. Loud noises startled him. Dan speaks openly about his struggle with depression and says that talking about it with others really helped.Dan Davenport

“Anytime there was a big issue I went right to the bottle and I would drink until I could forget. After a while that little bit of negativity turned into where everything was negative – you have no support, you have no friends. One night I hit my breaking point. It was almost like for six years I was literally blind – I had no idea what was going on in the world. Eventually I realized that in reality, you have family, you have friends; you have a brotherhood that never leaves you. That family in uniform never leaves you, veterans, service members – active, old, future. It doesn’t matter; you’re always a part of that family.”

Dan became interested in fitness and body building and concentrated on transforming his life and living with a positive attitude. He says that when you think and live positive, positive things will come to you.

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