Of Strength and Service

Injury has never quelled the spirit & strength of DAV member, Bobby Body. He joined the Marine Corps in 1996 but due to injury received a medical discharge.

Bobby Body weightliftingAfter the 2001 attacks, Bobby rejoined the military. In February 2006, while en route to search for a high-ranking insurgent, Bobby’s Humvee was hit by an IED, blowing a door into his left side, injuring his left arm and leg.

He was MEDIVACED to Landstuhl, Germany where doctors told him is injuries were too significant and sent him to the Naval Air station in Jacksonville, FL where surgeries were performed on his arm and he was diagnosed with PTSD.

Within a year, his left leg was amputated, but Bobby’s drive to excel didn’t end on the surgeon’s table. Bobby began powerlifting for competitions, representing the U.S. Team at world championships where he competes against individuals without disabilities.

When he competes, Bobby wants everyone to know about the organization of which he’s so proud to be a member.

“I proudly wore the DAV symbol on my sleeve at my last competition and told people about what the DAV has done, and is doing, for me and my wife.”

Learn more about Bobby’s journey – WATCH VIDEO.


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